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Wissenaire is the annual techno-management festival of Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar held in the Samantapuri campus of the prestigious IIT Bhubaneswar.

It is one of the most awaited technical festival of East India. It is a three-day long event usually held during the third week of January every year. The word Wissenaire is derived from the German word 'Wissen' meaning knowledge and 'aire' meaning free. Thus it is justified by its tagline knowledge runs free. Wissenaire encompasses various sectors of technology, science and management. These include quizzing, coding, designing, robotics, planning and testing the creativity and innovative spirit of the young technical minds.




Humankind's hunger for knowledge has driven it from the times of counting on fingers to the times of super computers. Our drive for efficiency has shrunken down the size of computers and now the aim is to create extra ordinary things out of emptiness, wonders out of voids, and many things from nothing.

The era of virtualization is coming.With the aim of taking virtualization a step ahead in our country, we team Wissenaire'16 present to you the theme for our sixth edition 'Vitalizing Virtuality'.




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