About Us


Wissenaire is the annual techno-management fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, and one of the most awaited fests in Eastern India. The name ‘Wissenaire’ is a portmanteau of the German words ‘wissen’ meaning knowledge and ‘aire’ meaning free, thus signifying the power of knowledge that runs free.

Usually held in the month of February, it is a three-day long extravaganza encompassing a multitude of events in the scientific, technical and managerial domains. With a well-rounded collection of competitions, workshops, exhibitions, quizzes and colloquia in the fields of programming, robotics, mechanics, aeronautics, designing, management and many others. Lectures by several distinguished luminaries from diverse spheres of education serve to inspire students to embark on a journey of technical excellence, creativity and innovation.


In recent times, concerns regarding the future of our planet have become the subject of global discussion. Human activities continue to impact the delicate balance of our planet’s system in ways that, if unchecked, could potentially lead to the extinction of the human race.Ongoing research in the field of green and sustainable technology has shown immense promise in terms of developing the tools needed to take on the ambitious project of saving Mother Earth. It is a daunting task, but we must remember that “the past may be gone, but the future is ours to shape”. With a call to all the architects of our future to come together and take action NOW, Wissenaire presents its 8th edition with the theme:

“Architecting World 2030 – Advent of Sustainable Technology”.