The Annual Techno-management festWISSENAIRE'17
— Knowledge runs free —
3rd - 5th FEBLOADING..

Sherlock tests your story writing skills and your ability to generate suspense among the readers. Give it a try and know by yourself whether you are one of those, who make adrenaline rush out in the nerves of the bibliophiles, while flipping the pages.
Scientoons are the cartoons, based on science. They not only make you smile and laugh but also provide information about new researches, subjects, data & concepts in a simple, understandable and interesting thought provoking way.
Wissenaire’17 provides you a platform to use your scientific knowledge and your humor together to create your own Scientoons.

For getting a better idea about Scientoons visit the website Science-Toon
“Good players practice until they get it right; great players practice until they don’t go wrong.”
Let's sort out the good and the great as they battle it out at Wissenaire’17.