The Annual Techno-management festWISSENAIRE'17
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3rd - 5th FEBLOADING..


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Security can't be guaranteed. As Clint Eastwood once said, "If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster." The only secure system is one that's unplugged, turned off, and in a locked room. As it's not practical to leave our systems turned off, we need to understand the risks to our systems and prepare ourselves to defend them.

Preparation begins with understanding — and that's where awareness comes in. With all the news stories about hackers, botnets, and breaches involving personal information, it's easy for the security message to sound over-used and tired. It's easy for people to say, "It won't happen here."

Yet, studies and surveys repeatedly show that: the human factor (what employees do or don't do) is the biggest threat to information systems and assets. The best way to achieve a significant and lasting improvement in information security is not by throwing more technical solutions at the problem — it's by raising awareness and training and educating everyone who interacts with computer networks, systems, and information.

Learning Outcomes

  • Concept of Hacking

  • Hacking Emails and Social Networks

  • Google Hacking

  • Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Basics of Secure Programming

  • World of Digital Virtualization

  • Hacking and Securing Windows Systems

  • Malware: Attack, Detect and Defend

  • Software Cracking: Product Key Generation

  • Security Challenge - competition

Event Format

  • The workshop will be organized in two sessions for one day.

  • No Prerequisite to attend this workshop.

Other Details


INR 1500 per participant


4th,5th February

Time And Venue

Will be updated soon..


1)Why should I attend this workshop?

Ans: Want to get exposed to issues and vulnerabilities to drive the digital media industry and create solutions to all these problems? Join this workshop.

2)Do I need to learn anything to attend this workshop?

Ans: No

3)Will I get certification for attending this workshop?

Ans: Yes. Every participant who attends this workshop will get Certificate of Participation from Wissenaire, IIT Bhubaneswar.

4)Will lunch be provided during workshop?

Ans: Yes. But, it is on payment basis.