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NodeJS is a platform that allows developers to write server side high performance and networked applications. And that too uses good old Java script. But wait! Isn't Java script meant to be used for forms and stuff on web pages?

Well that was 10 years ago. The world has gone from 'Oops! You've not filled up the form properly!' Days to today's modern web apps and social media sites that relies heavily on Java script. Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn; being handful examples of this movement. And to think that this quantum leap would not have been possible without Java script is not an overstatement. Today, when you socialize with your friends on Facebook, or use your Gmail inbox, you're running thousands of lines of code written in Java script, in your browser.

With NodeJS, you can take this knowledge back on the server, where usually you would expect to see the likes of PHP, Ruby, ASP dot NET etc. But that's only a small portion of the reason why NodeJS is so cool. The fact that you can write full blown networked applications (think chat servers, collaborative tools, real-time data visualization apps) with just a few lines of code is more than reason enough to not only look at NodeJS, but deep dive into it !

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to java script as we know it.

  • Java script on server side.

  • Web fundamentals - understanding how it works GET POST methods

  • Introduction to NPM

  • Nodemon

  • Middle wares

  • Writing your own custom http server from scratch

  • Routing

  • I/O cycle and call backs

  • Modularization

  • Creating custom communication channel for

  • IOT based devices.

  • Creating chat application using

  • Deploying your code to the servers.

Event Format

  • The workshop will be organized in two sessions for two days.

  • Participants should have little knowledge of HTML.

  • Participants should come with their own laptops.

Other Details


INR 1400 per participant


4th,5th February

Time And Venue

Will be updated soon..

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1)Why should I attend this workshop?

Ans: Want to get introduced to the web technologies using NodeJS. Join this workshop!

2)Do I need to learn anything to attend this workshop?

Ans: : Yes. A little knowledge on HTML is beneficial.

3)Will I get certification for attending this workshop?

Ans: Yes. Every participant who attends this workshop will get Certificate of Participation from Wissenaire, IIT Bhubaneswar.

4)Will lunch be provided during workshop?

Ans: Yes. But, it is on payment basis.

5)Should I bring my Laptop for the workshop?

Ans: Yes.