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InHouse Workshops

Auto CAD

During the 1980’s, a group of engineers interested in simplifying how draftsmen, architects and engineers approach drawing projects

Automobile And IC Engine Design

Over the past several years, road transportation has seen some significant advances in what are considered alternative technologies.

Ethical Hacking

Security can't be guaranteed. As Clint Eastwood once said, "If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster." The only secure system is one that's unplugged, turned off, and in a locked room.

Internet of Things

First ‘Steam Engine’ to the now ‘Cyber Physical Systems’ is all about advancement in Technologies for better Productivity by smart Solutions. Industry 4.O

Brain Wave Controlled Robot

Have you ever thought of controlling your Robot or any home electric appliances using your thoughts? Are you interested in learning how your brain works

Digital Marketing for Start-ups

Digital Marketing is an integral of everyone’s life. Every one of us is surrounded by digital marketing by some way or other; nowadays we are carrying a full-fledged market in our pockets.

Drone Piloting

Have you ever thought of what it feels to be a Drone Operator or an Aerial Photographer? Make your dream a reality as you steer the latest technology through the sky

Digital Image Processing

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field that deals with how computers can be made to gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos.

Web Development

NodeJS is a platform that allows developers to write server side high performance and networked applications. And that too uses good old Java script.

Cyber Security

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Wissenaire, ensuing its tagline ‘Knowledge runs free’, intends to provide an opportunity to all the young minds to expertise in their fields of interest with hands on experience.

For the first time in this edition, Wissenaire’17 gladly presents its workshop series “SANCHAR” all around the nation. So, all the technological enthusiasts from every nook and corner of the country have a glance at our start. Grab the opportunity to probe deeper into the world of technology in the most ingenious way.

Workshop topics, Different cities, dates and venues of the workshops will be updated soon…


Drone Piloting

Digital Marketing for Start-ups

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