Analog Circuit Design

"We live in a digital world but we are fairly Analog creatures" - Omar Ahmad.

Analog electronics offers a very elegant design with many components and would act as an impetus to the digital world. The modern electronics technology will play an everincreasing role in the quality and variety of our lives. It is very necessary to realize the importance of Analog electronics. We here at Wissenaire’21 will give you an opportunity to test your knowledge in the field of Analog electronics.

Event Description

Analog electronics constitutes of basic elements like Resistors, diodes, transistors (like BJT and MOSFET) and Op-Amps with which many circuits like amplifiers, filters, clippers, clampers are built. Here we will test your understanding on these Analog circuits and off-course basic fundamentals.

Event Format

 • Participants will be given a design experiment where they have to design a circuit and simulate it in the “LT spice software” and results with screenshots of LT spice schematic and required graphs should be attached in the final report.


Each participant is allowed only once to appear for the event.
Everyone should confine to their given specifications unless one is left free to assume certain values.
The final report should be made very concisely.
No extra time is provided, even though it is done online, participants are expected to utilize the time wisely for doing simulations and making a final report.


 A. Naga Sai Manu
 Event Co-ordinator