Arduino Hackathon

Arduino Hackathon is a competition that tests your problem solving and coding skills using knowledge of Arduino in TinkerCAD.

Event Description

You will be provided with a real-life problem. You are required to design and simulate a circuit with Arduino as a part of it in Tinkercad to solve the problem statement and submit it in the least time.

Judging Criteria

 Based on the time taken and the extent to which the solution was achieved As problem statement will be relatively easy to solve so the time taken will be the major factor for judging.

Submission Format

  A short video (max. 30 seconds) of the simulation of the circuit designed must be made.
Screenshot of the circuit. (image in any format)
Upload the code as a text (.txt) file.
Share the link of the Tinkercad file in a text (.txt) file. For the TinkerCAD link, you may refer to Video


There will be 2 rounds.
Participants will have to create and simulate an Arduino circuit in Tinkercad that could solve the given problem within the time limit.
Marks will be awarded basedon the extent of solving the problem statement and the time taken to create and submit thecircuit.
Marks obtained for both rounds will be totalled at the end.
Qualifier: Maximum Time Limit - 60 minutes, Maximum Points - 40
Finals: Maximum Time Limit - 90 minutes, Maximum Points - 60


 Harikesh Verma

Organising Partner