Robotics CAD

Event Description

You will be provided with a CAD drawing of certain components and your task will be to replicate it by making CAD models of the same and submit it in the least time.

Judging Criteria

 Judging will be based on the completion of the CAD model and the time taken to submit it.
Marking scheme : a. Marks awarded = Max. time limit(in min.) - Time taken to submit(in min.)
b. Maximum total marks = 60+120+150 = 330
c. Zero marks will be awarded if the time limit is exceeded OR drawing specifications are not met.

Submission Format

 A zip file named “<\Full_Name>_Stage_<\0/1/2>.rar” containing the files in both “.stl” and “.sldprt” format needs to be uploaded to a google form which will be provided at the time of the event.


There will be 3 stages.
Participants will have to create CAD parts and assembly as per the drawings provided at the time of the event in each stage and submit the same to a google form.
There will be a maximum time limit for each stage.
Marks will be awarded based on the time taken to create and submit the model.
Marks obtained for all three stages will be totalled at the end and accordingly, winners will be declared.
Stage0: Maximum Time Limit - 60 minutes, Skills involved: Only CAD solid modelling
Stage1: Maximum Time Limit - 120 minutes, Skills involved: CAD solid modelling and assembly
Stage2: CAD model of a few components will be provided in “.stl” and “.sldprt” and a few are needed to be modelled with provided drawing. And after that, all the parts need to be assembled.
Maximum Time Limit - 150 minutes, Skills involved: CAD solid modelling and assembly


 Dhruval Javia

Organising Partner