Yanthrix collectively represents all the robotics events of the fest. The events are noted for promoting a spirit of technology among techies. All events under Yanthrix are designed to test the team-work and dedication of competing groups of students with competitions like Kick-Off, Robo-Wars, Rescue-Bot, and Maze-Solver etc.


With the present world being digitalized, Wissenaire creates a platform to develop one's creativity and critical thinking skills in practical situations with brain-teasing problem statements involving Coding, CAD designing, App development, Solid Works etc


The Paper Presentation event of Wissenaire aims at tapping the infinite potential of the human mind in generating an “idea”, which when given a proper platform can transform into a great new discovery or innovation. The colloquia cover various streams like Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering

LAN Wars

Are you a hardcore gamer? Does the rattle of guns turn you on? The time has come to blend your style and experience on a global competitive stage. Enter the Battlefield and show your mettle in this virtual war. So, what are you waiting for?Gear up and ready your guns. Battle hard and be the last one standing!!

Grand Arcanum

The Grand Arcanum includes all design and thinking competitions like Electronix (circuit designing), Stimulant (water-propelled rocket designing), and Smart City Challenge etc.

On Net

Are you passionate about photography? Wanna indulge yourself in the role of detective? Wanna flavour your scientific knowledge with humour? This is a platform to showcase all these talents. Buckle up and be a part of On Net which consists of Shutter, Sherlock, Scientoons

Executive Suite

Executive Suite encompasses all the events under management and is a test of the innovative and managerial skills of the students

School Champ

It is an event for school children of 8- 10 class which includes written exam, memory test and an interview. This event also includes seminars aimed at inculcating curiosity towards the technical advancements happening across the globe.


It is interesting to see how the stock market graphs change every day. We tend to gamble and invest in those shares which have possibility to give high returns. This event introduces participants to a brief idea of stocks and tend to test their knowledge on the behaviour of the market.


Do you consider yourself as a ‘TECHNO’-freak? Are you captivated with the big ‘Corporate’ world of ‘suits and tie’? Are you that guy who delves into the Business section of the paper first every day? Then here comes the absolute chance for you to transform your anticipation into actions!