Counter Cypher

Be the bond of programming and figure out what's the hidden source code by looking at its behaviour for your inputs. The basic idea behind this event is to figure out the “Black box”. In other words, an executable program will be given and the participants have to figure out the code behind it. This event will push your logical, deductive and mathematical skills to the limits.

Event Format

• In this round, participants will have to decipher the behaviour of the code from the input and its respective output and write the program for the same.
• This round consists of three questions, each carrying 20 points.
• Each team will be given 20 bonus points at the start of the competition.


 • Programming languages should be C, C++, Python and Java.
• You are not allowed to use a reference book or material during the event.

Judging Criteria

Teams will be judged on their accuracy as well as their efficiency.
There will be a runtime limit for each problem. Your solution should pass all the hidden test data within the time limit to receive the accepted verdict.
The Winner will be declared on the basis of total number of points (including bonus points).
If the number of questions solved is the same, then the winner will be the team who solved the problems in the least amount of time.


 Event Co-ordinator